Glitter Words -

Created by Mr Gallagher's Period 6 American Studies 2 CP students

Who are the names and faces of the 1920's?

You're task:
Create a MySpace type page for your 1920's individual.

Think about relevant information to include on your space (just like MySpace you can embed widgets)

  • Photos
  • Timeline (use inspiration - template for Social Studies - timeline)
  • Wordle
Wordle: Margaret Sanger - Children's Era

BUT REMEMBER....Don't spend too much time on the extras! The facts, biographical information, quotes, comparisons, and relevant pictures are the most important!

Grading Criteria
Item (Points Possible)

Picture of the Individual (5)

Biography (20)
Dates of birth/death
Birth place

Quote (15)

Comparison (10)

    • The examples given for the Biography section are a guide only. There may be other information you wish to include about your individual that does not fit into any of these categories. Feel free to check with me if you have any questions.

    • The Quote is intended to be something your subject said, real or of your own creation, that illustrates his/her values, impact, or influences. Along with this is your explanation of how this represents this person.

    • Comparison – Compare your subject with a modern person, famous or otherwise, with whom you are familiar. This must also include a written portion explaining why they are similar.