800604-Rudolph_Valentino_as_Julio_Desnoyers-Buenos_Aires.jpgRudolph Valentino

" The Great Lover"

May 6, 1895 Castellaneta,Italy. He was orginally born as Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Piero Filiberto Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antoguolla.


August 23, 1926 in New York, New York at the age of 31 years old. Rudolph died, because he developed peritonitis and died eight days after one of his operations.


At a young Rudolph did poorly in school, he was expelled from many schools, after, all of his trouble he got a dipolma in the Science and Farming department from the Academy of Agriculture.



When Rudolph Valentino came into poverty he met an american actor by the name of Norman Kerry who told him to go and tryout for cinema.
June Mathis was another big influence, she got Rudolph his first big role as the lead in the movie The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


Rudolph Valentino's profession was an Italian actor who worked in American movies.


One of the films he was in made $1 million dollars in the box office, Valentino wrote a book of poems called Daydreams that was published in 1923, wrote a couple of serials for magazines, those later came to be books, he also founded his own production company, and made two vocal recordings, but those were not released until after his death.rudy2.jpg


What is your motto Mr. Valentino? "Live and Let Live.”- Rudolph Valentino

Comparison: to Hugh Jackman

Rudolph Valentino- Rudolph was Italian, born in 1895, had 2 wives, did a major movies of movies, died at age 31.

Hugh Jackman- Hugh is Australian, born in 1968, only has 1 wive, married once, has a couple of major movies, still alive at the age of 41.


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