Charles "Lucky" Luciano

Date of Birth: November 24th, 1897 Lercara Friddi, Sicily, Italy
Lucky_Luciano.jpg Date of Death: January 26th, 1962 Naples, Italy

Education: He dropped out of school in 4th grade and picked up the life of a gangster.

Influences: He did not have to many influences in his life. He was basically on his on living the life of a gangster. He had quite a few accomplices such as Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky which helped him form the National Crime Syndicates and Murder Incorporated. Murder Incorporated was there gang that explains itself in its name. They kill people and do anything that a normal gang would do.

Profession: Lucky Luciano was a criminal mastermind who dealt drugs, sold women and stole anything he could. He killed many men in his time and created organizations that were just unbelievable like the one mentioned before called Murder Incorporated.

Achievements: Lucky owned the city of New York for quite awhile. Marazanos gang was the gang that Lucky was in a turf war with. One day Lucky was waiting at a dock for a shipment and four of Marazanos men grabbed Lucky and put tape over his mouth and through him in a car. They beat him near death driving slowly to Staten Island and they slit his throat and wrist and put him in a grave to leave for dead. He survived this attack and that is how he got the name "Lucky". After this Siegel and Luciano killed Marazano and this made Luciano the leader of New York. He had all the power as being the head honcho in the mafia in the great city of New York.

Other Facts: Luciano was once sentenced to 30 years of what he has done to the city and all of his illegal doings and that was in 1936. But in 1946 Thomas Dewey became the governor of New York City

Quote: Lucky once said "There's no such thing as good money or bad money. There's just money." This quote explains a lot about how Lucky earned money and how he felt about it. Everything he did to earn money was illegal if it was being a pimp, selling drugs, or making hits. He made a fortune on doing these things and that is why he is as famous as he is. All the money he earned was "bad" money but in his mind there is no such thing as good or bad money. It is just money that he worked for whether or not it was good work or bad work. Also another quote of his "Behind every fortune, is a crime!" Now this quote explains his values and how he feels tremendously because he see's anyone who has a fortune had to do something illegal to get that but that isn't true. He just thinks that because that is exactly what he did to get his fortune.

Comparison: Al Capone could be compared to Lucky because they are both gangsters during this time. Al Capone being in Chicago and Lucky in New York. They both commited many crimes to succeed in the world and earn there fortune. They are both very similar because of what they did and how they did it.

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