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"It is still an open question, however, as to what extent exposure really injures a performer. "
-Harry Houdini


Birthday- March 24th, 1874, his actual birth name was Erich Weisz
Birthplace- Budapest, Hungary
Education- No one is quite sure where Harry received his education although it is known that he had schooling
Influences- Mayer Samuel Weisz, Harry Houdini's father, his other Cecilia Stener, and his younger brother Theo
Profession- Erich(aka Harry) started pursuing an interest in magic with his little brother Theo. Erich started working at a very young age as multiple things, he was a messenger, and neck-tie cutter, and a photographer's assistant. He began his professional career at the age of 17, he began by doing magic shows infront of civic groups in music halls, at sideshows, and at Coney Island amusement park in New York, he sometimes performed up to 20 shows a day! For some time he worked with his younger brother Theo, they called themselves the Houdini Brothers. In 1895, the two young magicians joined the Welsh Brother's Circus for 6 months. Houdini met his wife Bess while performing with Theo, eventually the two brothers went their separate ways and Harry and Bess performed together. Houdini sailed to england with Bess and he had a break through with his magic when he was wrapped around a pillar and handcuffed with Scottland Yard. He returned to America in 1905 where he had become a national celebrity. Houdini had very few and very rare failures. Harry Houdini after a long and successful career died of appendicitis on October 31, 1926, Halloween 2009 will be the 82nd anniversery of his death.

David Blaine vs. Harry Houdini
David Blaine is a modern street magician who does a series of amazing card tricks, and so called levitations. He is very talented and a mystery to most people, much like Houdini, David's tricks are not complex but no one can figure out how he does them

David Blaine
Harry Houdini
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