Bobby Jones- Famous Golfer

Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones II named after his grandfather, but later switched to Jr. in respect for his father.

Born: March 17, 1902, in Atlanta, Ga.
Died: Dec. 18, 1971

Influences: His dad and Stewart Maiden
Bobby Jones learned to golf at East Lake Country Club in Dekalb County, learned mostly by watching and mimicking the swing of the club pro. Stewart Maiden.

Bobby Jones quote:

“Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course...the space between your ears.”

He really believed in golf being a strong mental sport, requiring a lot of thought and focus. He learned over the years that he had to work on keeping his temper in check so he can focus and think about the best way to play the game and win.

Achievements and Education: 3 degrees in only 4 years!

1916 At age 14 he joined his first competition and got eliminated in the 3rd round but he impressed many and was then known as the nation's top golf prodigy.

1923-1930 He won 13 major championships, including 5 U.S. Amateurs, 4 U.S. Opens, 3 British Opens, and 1 British Amateur

1922 Georgia Institute of Technology, Degree in Engineering

1924 Harvard, Bachelor's Degree in English Literature. Also got married to Mary Malone, later having 3 kids.

1926 Emory University, Law Degree (passed bar exam after only 3 semesters of study)

1928 Joined father's law firm.

1930 "Grand Slam!" He won the 4 major golf events all in one year, US and British Amateur and US and British Opens, he is the only one to ever have done this in the same year.

He retired from competition at age 28 to focus more on family and his law practice.

Comparison- Tiger Woods
As good as Tiger Woods is now, he is not good enough to beat Bobby Jones. Tiger has had his own "Grand Slam" but over 2 years not in just one. Also Bobby Jones had to use wooden clubs on badly kept courses with loosely made golf balls, and Tiger has updated steel clubs, tightly wound Nike golf balls, and courses that are well kept. Also in Bobby Jones time there were no wedges, making it much harder to make an accurate shot having to use a 9 iron instead and the putters were not as well designed. Even with all the bad equipment Bobby was an amazing golfer, if he and Tiger played today on the same course with same equipment, it would be a close game but Bobby Jones would win. 10/8/09 10/14/09 10/9/09 10/9/09 10/14/09