Al Capone


Date of birth and death: Al Capone was born on January 17th, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York. He died on January 25th, 1947 from a stroke in Miami, Florida at age 48.

Education: Al Capone started school at Public School 7 in Brooklyn. He beat a female teacher in 6th grade, which got him to be expelled. He lived a few short years having jobs he wasn't happy with his pay. For example, his first real job was in a munitions factory and after that he became a paper cutter. He then realized he wasn't satisfied with his pay and settled with earning money illegally.

Influence: After Capone got expelled, his father moved the family to 21 Garfield Place. This was the neighborhood that influenced the direction of Capone's life and most of all his future. He joined two gangs in this neighborhood. One was called Brooklyn Rippers and the other was Forty Thieves Juniors.

Profession: Al Capone had two professions, Mafia and Gangster. A mafia is a hierarchically structured secret organization allegedly engages in smuggling, racketeering, trafficking in narcotics, and other activities. Capone bootlegged liquor during prohibition. A Gangster is a member of a gang or criminals. Capone was also a member of two gangs, Brooklyn Rippers and Forty Thieves Juniors.

Achievements: Once prohibition passed in 1920, Johnny Torrio was always harassing Jim Colosimo, the boss, to get an underground drinking established. Colosimo said no and Torrio wasn't going to accept that. Al Capone killed him in May of 1920. Now that Torrio got his way, he became boss of Chicago, and Capone became the manager of the alcohol. In an attempted assassination, Torrio was hurt and went down from the head spot, therefore Capone stepped up and ran the streets of Chicago with his mob. He made millions with this underground drinking establishment.

Quote: "You can go along way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun." I think what Capone meant by this was that you get far being nice and kind, but if you are nice, kind and also have a gun, if something doesn't go your way then you can shoot the person that made the complications so you can have your own way. This is sad that he was happier with a gun than just a smile. This also shows what kind of man Capone was. He thought that killing people was more exciting and more enjoyment than having an normal life.

Comparison: Lucky Luciano and Al Capone were definitely very similar. In fact, Luciano was actually the leader of one of the first gangs Capone ever joined. They were also both gangsters in the 1920's and got through life just about the same way. They both had sick minds and thought killing people for the wrong reasons was the way to get through life. Lucky Luciano and Al Capone both owned a big city. For Luciano it was New York City and for Capone it was Chicago. These two men were extremely similar and had pretty much the same perspective on life.

Interesting Facts: On September 15th, 1928 Capone shot himself after playing a game of golf with Johnny Patton, named the boy mayor of Burnham. He was getting into a car and his .45 shot in his right pant pocket, which made a bullet wound to both of his legs and groin. Capone was taken to St. Margaret's Hospital in Hammond. He registered there with the name of Geary. His entourage occupied five rooms. There was also a guard guarding the room!

According to the US government Al Capone was worth $100,000,000 in 1927!!!!!

Capone was not often tried for his crimes. He was arrested in 1926 for killing three people, but he only spent one night in prison because there wasn't good enough evidence to know that he attempted the murders.

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